How I Came to Know about Hotel Furniture and How I Surprised My Better Half

Who does not want to live an extravagant life with best possible comfort? The same is with me, as well. I always wanted a luxurious life, but like many others around, I was unable to afford them. After getting married I bought a new home. As you can understand that for a man with mid-range income, buying a home is a big deal. After that the two of us were leading a simple life. The furniture at our home was quite simple and served just the basic purposes. A couple of years went like this only, until my cousin took me to a used hotel furniture display.

I started with list preparation and my budget plan

As I did not have much idea about second-hand hotel furniture, I warned him not to go for such products considering their quality is inferior. Then he told me that the sofa at his place (that I was fond of) is also used to be the part of a high-end hotel. He bought it from an auction. The moment he said that to me, I decided to surprise my wife with some pieces of luxurious furniture on her birthday that was around the corners. That day I didn’t bought anything. I went home and prepared a list of the things we need the most. Preparing a list beforehand helped me a lot to make quick decisions. Once I was done with that, I decided a budget. This is another important thing to consider before buying a product(s).

Inspection helped me a lot

After the list was ready, I went to the place where the sale was going on and looked for the products I needed. Fortunately, I found all of them, a queen bed, a large wardrobe, two chests of drawers, a center table and many other pieces. The person who was showing the stuff to the customers, asked me to inspect the products carefully before tipping off. Inspection is a very important consideration whether you buy old furniture or a new one. Moreover when you are buying used products, you need to be extra cautious.

Things I looked for

Firstly, I started with smelling the pieces that were made up of fabrics. Actually, my cousin advised me to do that. Smelling helps in determining if the item(s) is degraded or not. If a piece of furniture smells fresh, you can buy it without any hesitations. If it smells bad, refrain from selecting it. Secondly, I checked the items from outside, inside and underside. Finally, after I was satisfied with the used hotel furniture, I purchased them and surprised my wife.

Used Hotel Furniture Saved Me from Shelling Out a Fortune

For ordinary people like us, buying a house is one of the biggest things in terms of finances,you may live in it with your family members for decades. However, just buying a house is absolutely not enough, there are many other things related to it, as well. When I purchased a house, some of my major concerns were furniture, furnishings, home appliances and renovation. I was a little worried about what furniture should I buy, because most new furniture are really expensive, especially when you are looking for quality along with the appearance of furniture.I needed all home furniture after renovation of my new house,such as bedroom furniture, dining room furniture,living room furniture,patio furniture and kitchen furniture etc. This is a big furniture project, so I went to several local furniture stores, but I hadn’t make any decision after that. One Saturday morning,one of my friends, Jimmy, showed me an advertisement in a local newspaper. The ad read that a ‘used hotel furniture sale ‘is going on in our city. Initially, I was indifferent to the ad. However, on my way home, I realized that there is nothing wrong to just check this hotel furniture products out.

Being nitpick in buying furniture is good sometimes

Luckily, the next day was Saturday. So, I and my wife planned to go to that expo together. When we stepped into the shop and looked around, both of us were amazed to see the collection of furniture. Right from contemporary modular furniture to traditional ones with intricate woodwork, there were different varieties available. Look wise, they were all amazing. Some of the furniture that we needed for our home was – sofas, dining set, wardrobe and some chest of drawers. All these products were available there. My wife is a bit nit picky about the things (actually it’s good sometimes). So, she started to check out the products minutely. After inspecting the products, we actually bought all that we needed. Unexpectedly, the bill did not make use frown, rather were surprised to look at the steep discounts offered. Actually, this is the main reason why people go for used hotel furniture.

Some useful tips for you

We have been using those furniture(s) for more than 5 years and they still look new with least maintenance. So, if you believe that such products are not of good quality just because they are sold at discounted rates, then you should give them a try. In this article, I have shared some of the most important things I considered when buying old furniture of hotels from a sale.

• As I said earlier that my better half is a very selective and careful person, she bought a flashlight along with her. That helped us to look for any kind of defects like damages made by insects, any kind stain or cracks. There were some products with defects. However, our super-bright flashlight saved us.

• We smelled all the items that were made of fabric. Sometimes, such products are in so bad condition that a smell test can help you find whether or not you should buy them. This is needless to say, but bad smelling pieces should be strictly avoided.

• Some pieces of furniture like wardrobes and chest of drawers might look perfect from outside, but there might be some defects in them. What we did was, checking all such products by opening them. While doing the same, I found a beautiful wardrobe, but as I opened it, I saw some scratches and cracks. My wife also liked the thing very much and to be true the defects were minor. So, we thought that we would fix those after buying. Moreover, because of those defects the dealer gave some more discounts.

• Apart from checking inside, you should also see below the products as I did. Also, do test them beforehand. For example – I liked a chair for my studies. So, I sat on it and when I found that I was comfortable with it. I added it to the purchase list.

People now compliment us
This was how we decorated our home without stretching the budget by purchasing used hotel or restaurant furniture. Even after using them for 5 years, when guests come to our place they compliment us. Thanks to my friend who had shown me the ad. So, if you are also planning to renovate your home with new furniture, you can always go for such used products.

My Experience on Buying Hotel Furniture and Some Benefits

Are you planning to buy furniture for your home, but concerned about your budget? Don’t worry; you can do what I did few years back. I went to a used hotel furniture sale and bought some really high-quality stuff from there at affordable prices. I know what’s running in your mind right now. You might be thinking that as the pieces are second-hand, they might not be of good quality. When I heard of this furniture sale for the first, I also thought the same. However, after visiting the place, I realized that I was wrong.

Of course, disputed products were there, but with a little bit of product investigation, I bought a dining set, a patio table, a wardrobe, a high back chair and a sofa-cum-bed. Most importantly, they are still in good condition and look new. There are a number of benefits of buying used furniture, especially those which are sold after hotel liquidation. In this article, as per my personal experience I have shared some of the benefits of buying the same. Hopefully, it might help you. Read on!

I like the quality and the boost they offered to my home’s décor

When we talk about hotel furniture, they are specially built to endure some wear and tear. Also, pieces of furniture like, side tables, dressers, TV armoires, ancillary seating are generally underused. Moreover, a hotel’s décor is updated every 3 to 5 years. However, what I feel that every renovation is not related to changing worn out and old products. Most of the high end hotels go for periodic renovation to maintain their signature style and status. Time to time renovation might be expensive for hotels, but can provide you with some great opportunities to save a great deal. I my eyes, buying used furniture is one of the wisest things.

So much for so less

Another advantage according to me is, you will be able to but high-quality, beautifully designed, upscale pieces of furniture for amazingly less prices. The furniture of high-end hotels is impressive and lavish. Moreover, most of them are from the house of branded manufacturers. Whatever, I bought for my home carry the name tag of world famous furniture manufacturers and all of them are uniquely designed. So, with a little homework and patience, you can also get some good stuff for your home, like I did.

From where did I came to know about used products

I came to know about used hotel furniture sale by seeing a hoarding next to my office. You can also get in touch with local auctioneers and hotel liquidators. Leafing through a local newspaper can also help. One of my close friends works in a hotel. He told that the management of his hotel has announced a special employee discount or concession on furniture that are soon being replaced. He also told me that as he is my friend, I can also avail the discount on hotel furniture. So, if you have a friend who works in a hotel, you can contact him, as well. So, this is how you can afford luxury without getting ripped off.